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Last weekend was Tokyo in Tulsa. and also my 1st (real) con. i had a ton of fun and met some awesome people!
have some pictures from the con and also the party we had friday night!

Selfies!Collapse )

Con pics!Collapse )

Pre-PartyCollapse )

Party Pics!Collapse )

These 3 made my weekend! <3Collapse )

Also a story. John spent about 40 minutes in just his boxers, which he made for a John Egbert cosplay. About an hours later after he had been back in clothes for a while he says "OMG guys i don't think you have seen my boxer!" and goes to take his pants off again. He switched outfits several times over the course of the night. I have known this man for like 8 years and i saw him shirtless more times that night that i have the entire rest of the time i have known him.
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FROM THE ASH is a fictional spirits site, where real-life versions of characters from any work of fiction
are thrown together in an ordinary setting. changes to characters are welcome and even encouraged
- consider it a large-scale, multi-fandom real life au. set in a typical town outside of chicago, it's a fic-
tional experiment to see what new stories are told when characters from such different settings find
themselves thrown together in everyday life.
i am looking for homestuck tags.
any idea if any shops have some?
if yes, which ones?
they all say Slytherin.

oh well this just means an excuse to order a fuck ton right?
06.23.14(no subject)
Finally almost over being sick! woo!

Also I realized that my links on here are outdated as fuck, holy shit. I def need to update those at some point.

And now i am back to actually updating my homestuck fic rec page.
06.15.14(no subject)
So my app posted at HiH and it is looking like i am gonna end up a claw! which is totally awesome! (I am /technically/ a hat stall after all)

also I super appreciate all of the sweet welcome back messages in the votes. you guys are great <# I would have replied to all of them, but that isn't allowed D:

In other less happy new i have a horrible chest cough from hell. seriously this shit is the worst. I had to come home sick from work today D:
So I have a new job now. And i work 4 10 hour shifts in a row. which means i have 3 days off in a row every week. Which means I once again have fee time! yeah!

A lot has happened in the last few month. I got promoted to acting store manager at FYE, Generally got treated like crap, and quit. got a new job. had a huge gender crisis. joined the homestuck fandom. finished a D&D campaign with a  terrible DM. started DMing my own campaign for the 1st time. chopped all of my hair off.

It's been a bit hectic to say the least. but things are settling nicely now.

I also re-applied to HiH. I figure I have gone through a lot since I 1st got sorted and while I still ID as a Slytherin it would be neat to see where I ended up this time round.

oh. almost forgot. New hair:
I haven't been active in forever? but I haven't been removed from the comm, so does that mean i am still a member?
12.05.13(no subject)
I'm not entirely sure what my obsession with making my LJ match my tumblr at least some what is. But yeah i changed my theme again to make it match my tumblr more. i am still super proud of the sidebar image. It's probably one of my favorite photoshoppings to date.
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